Year of the Bible 2014

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Year of the Bible 2014
2014 will be a special year in the life of New Hope Church. As an entire congregation, we will be setting out on an adventure together – reading the whole Bible in one year! Here is your chance to:

  • Read the entire Bible in a structured way
  • Become familiar with the book that has influenced the lives of millions from ancient times to the present
  • Draw strength and encouragement for your daily life
  • Participate with many in our congregation in our joint project with a common goal

The Year of the Bible is a program developed by James E. Davison. Each day you will read a chapter or two from the Old Testament and a chapter or two from the New Testament. We invite you to begin the daily readings on January 1, when we, as a congregation, start the program.

Questions? See the FAQ section below, or contact Pastor Sarah. Ready to begin? Sign up at the church, or using the online form below.

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Year of the Bible 2014

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How do I get the daily readings?
Which version of the Bible should I read?
How should I read?
What if I need help, or want to discuss the readings with others?
What if I get behind?


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